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The company DORY MACHINERY was established in 1984,during these years DORY valve testing equipments has developed into the international market as the superior leader in China domestic market, regarding both the market share and the advanced technology. Our valve testing equipments have being sold to over 15 countries and won a high reputation with good quality and strong after sale services.

All our products are designed , developed, manufactured and tested by ourselves. The product development is influenced by the experience that many of our customers have made during their various assignments and also the strong engineer team supporting.

We have various types of valve test bench for different valves with different specification, Please check our products details and welcome to give us some suggestions.

Our highest priorities are to secure the production , products quality and after sale services.

Welcome to send us your enquiry.

Manufacturing Products & Services:

Valve Hydraulic Test Bench Manufacturing, Valve Hydraulic Seat Grinder, Valve Lapping machine ,Pipework and Valve Testing and Assessment,Cryogenic Valve Testing and Development, High Pressure Valve Testing and development,Hydrostatic valve testing and development,Leak Detction valve testing and developing,Mechanical valve testing and development, On site valve hydro testing,On site valve pressure testing, Valve testing,Valve test equipments